There’s a quiet revolution happening…
It’s been going on for some time.
If you’re in business you’re either part of it or a victim of it!

Ray Whittaker

Hi I’m Ray Whittaker, author of the 7 Deadly Online Sins.

We are facing a new revolution that has seen some of the biggest companies flounder. A couple of hundred years ago we had the industrial revolution. Around 25 years ago we started to feel the effects of the Internet revolution. Today, we’re in the grip of a consumer revolution. If you don’t know about it, or don’t really understand it, you are (or will be) a victim of it.

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Marketing Your Business using Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve read my article on What is SEO Marketing you might be asking how to go about doing some for your own local business website. In this article, we’ll look at how you can start to use SEO for yourself.

SEO can seem like a daunting task when you first come to look at it but optimising for a local business website can be a lot easier than it seems. The principles are the same whether you’re marketing a global business or a local one. But thanks to the local marketing features of the search engines such as Google Places, it’s possible to narrow down the marketing parameters to just your local area. And since you’re fishing in a much smaller pool, there is a lot less competition to worry about. Here is how you can go about SEO marketing for your local business.

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What is SEO marketing?

As a local business owner, you may not be familiar with techniques for marketing your business on-line; you might well ask ‘what is SEO marketing’? Although some aspects of on-line marketing are basically similar to off-line marketing, there are other aspect that are completely different. Those marketing techniques that are specific to on-line marketing bring with them a whole new set of buzz words and acronyms. In this article we will take a look at a couple of the terms that are specifically associated with SEO marketing and what it’s all about.

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The Role of the Small Business Website Today

small business website

Photo courtesy of freefoto.com

There is no denying the effect that the Internet has had on business and commerce. The Internet revolution has led to a consumer revolution that is hurting those small businesses that don’t understand it or can’t respond to it. Not only do small businesses need websites, they need to know how to use them properly. 

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What is Brand Identity?

What do the words ‘brand identity’ mean to you? The first time I started my own business, many years ago now, I hadn’t even heard of a brand identity much less given it any thought. And I know that the same was true for many other small business owners that I knew. Most of us thought a brand was really nothing more than a logo or a company trade name. Continue reading What is Brand Identity?